Saturday, November 15, 2014

Economic Life cycle - Different Stages.

Power Bull provides the economic life cycle in the pictorial diagram. Whenever a cycle completes you can see big difference in the market of moving up or drastically down. Market sideways applicable for each stages. Sideways means when the boom or bang happens the market able to sustain for long and again a big bullish or bearish happens. This creates a confusion to all investors to predict the definite end for the market. Good investors listen and respond to the market by averaging the good stock at bad time. A bad investors listen and react to the market by selling the good stock at bad price in bad time. Buy or Sell looks very simple words in economics but when you want to really do in the bad time makes lot of panic, controlled temperament, ability to foresee the future prospect in specific amount of time frame else  you will recover from the loss or you have to book more loss.

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