Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Power Bull Call history Q4 2015 - PDF link provided

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Thank God, We surveyed!!  Market continued to perform bearish till Feb, 2016. On Mar 2016 the bullish reversal  kick off started and many undervalued stocks are bought at great deal of price. Overall performance of market on 4th quarter was bearish.
We played little safe on first two months as the market movement is not predictable. As we communicated in the last quarter newsletter, energy stock will kick off soon as OPEC started initiating the production cut to keep the oil price firm. In Q4 oil price has gained close to 30% from the lowest low whereas energy stocks are not awarded much due to more CESS per ton (Revised from Rs 4500 to Rs 3600). As an analyst we were expected the CESS cut would be close to Rs 2500 or below as the oil price trading at the cost of 2004. Statistically the price has been fixed high from Rs 2500 to Rs 3600 from central for the same cost of crude oil. At this moment we are anticipating surge in oil price gives more confidence on picking energy stocks as bottom catch. 

Read our detail report on below link:

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cyient given 14% return in 4 weeks of time.

Power Bull means trust and transparent. Cyient has been given 14% return in 4 weeks of time. Power Bull wisely recommended to buy when the stock trading at Rs 425 and now the stock has reached the target price of Rs 485. We take care complex analysis and given the extract in two simple words of "Buy" or "Sell". We win many customer hearts by quality, integrity and trust.
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