Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Power Bull Call History for Jan, Feb and Mar 2014 - 4th Qtr.

Dear Investors,

      Power Bull consistently performing well in the advisory business and call history details are provided below. Sensex & NIFTY has provided the return of 5 to 6% for the last quarter. Value investing mainly focused on picking best stocks at right price. Follow are simple steps for stock piling.

1. Find it, 2. Value it, 3. Watch it, 4. Buy it, 5. Own it, 6. Stockpile it, 7. Sell it, 8. Repeat until rich

 The same will be published in facebook.com/powerbullstocks as image.  All call history from 2012 to till today available in facebook.com/powerbullstocks.

Note: Read below market notes to know about future market performance.

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Power Bull
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