Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Premium call history from Power Bull - Jan, Feb & March - 2013

Dear Investors,

           Power Bull publish their previous performance & stock recommendations once in every two months. We are consistently performing well and always beating market moving average during January but February was a little hard due to uncertainty in the market. Market started crashing from Jan 25 and it continued till the release of the Financial budget. Now we see the market back to swing and our calls have started providing good return to the investors. Lots of bulk deals are happening and FIIs gradually increased the fund to the market. Correction helped to buy good stocks at the discounted priced. Whenever the market is on correction Power Bull valuation happens based on "Discounted Cash Flow" (DCF) model versus "Dividend Discount Model" (DDM). This helps to predict the intrinsic value of company at the discounted price. So the correction in the stock price will be for short term and bounce back very quickly. In some situations we have to exit the stock due to poor work order or uncertainty in the future. In that case both valuation will cause a deviation and Power Bull will communicate the revised price quickly to the premium customers so as to minimize the loss.  

Note: We will soon offer stock training courses for traders. It will be helpful for part time traders, housewives & students 

Best Wishes

Power Bull

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