Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Power Bull Call history from Jul to Sep 2013 & Hybrid Analysis pdf - Win Stock Market..

Dear Investor,
      Power Bull has been continuously performing well during market crash. We had recommended many stocks to accumulate during market crash and today those are trading above 15 to 30%. Here we have attached how we are analyzing each equity using our software and used the rating algorithm developed by Power Bull core team. Our way of analysis is totally unique and that's why our calls are robust in performance during any market condition. Power Bull has been publishing the call history for every quarter from 2011 till today. Those details are available at https://www.facebook.com/Powerbullstocks. Click on photos and you can see the call history for all the years.  We here by thank all the customers for being patient during market crash and those are rewarded today.

Investing rules: We have to control our temperament and keep investing in best stocks. It is easy to read but hard to practice in Investing.  

Best Wishes,
Power Bull

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