Monday, October 13, 2014

Campaign Axis Bank option call review - Google+, Facebook and Powerbullstocks Official Blog.

Power Bull means "Investing through research". Our call on Axis bank from 4.40 to 6 attained by noon. Today morning Axis bank opened weak and started participating in the bullish trend by 10.00am. We had exactly interpreted the stock will participate well today when compared to ICICI bank. If you compare ICICI bank vs Axis bank, we preferred axis as the trend of the stock looks trend. We evaluated many ratios, open interest, contract, price volume pressure, strike price of different interval and then finalized Axis is a nice for future and option betting. As per Power Bull anticipated market is moving sideways but Axis hit the target price of 6.00. which is the gain of 36% today. Pay less premium and make huge profit. Power Bull communicates the same in the call history for next quarter.

Anyone can prefer Power Bull for 3 reasons:
=> Quality calls else no calls & more transparency in call history.
=> Low premium high profit by professional vs privacy customers.
=> Money back guarantee if we are unable to beat the market performance.

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