Monday, October 6, 2014

Header and Shoulder Chart Pattern - Power Bull Academy

Power Bull always educate the investors when trading in the market. Learning will help you to control the temperament and avoid many mistakes. A tiny mistake or ignorance will lead to loss or less profit booking. 

The term we are going to explain here is header and shoulder. It is a live analysis and not historic chart. 

What it communicates?
It communicates clearly the stock has upper and lower limit. The upper limit set at 1649 and lower limit at 1641. When a price crossing below 1641 can expect good correction or surging above 1649.5 will expect good advance. 

Cash market investors has lesser impact on this analysis as they can hold the position for long however positional traders in derivatives makes good on this trending one. They will make short or long or do stop loss based on the price movement. This strategy is called price volume dynamics. Hope you learnt something new today. Share your valuable feedback and rate our facebook page. 

Three circles = Left shoulder, Head and Right Shoulder.

Learn and see the bullish gap up happened today. When crossing the price of 1649 will take the stock to new high. It has some resistance in 1653. When it breaks it will land in good high. This is called pattern interpreting with trend. You cannot study anywhere in the book as it come by experience. It will take 3 years and need to analysis 5000 charts to expert on this. Power Bull uses high end software to identify the position easily.


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