Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comparing with legend as long term investor?

Many traders will keep on saying. I am a long term investors by keeping the portfolio value of 50 lacs or below. He read Buffet or someother legend keeps stock in their portfolio for long run.  Giant investor capital will be more i.e if buffet wants to buy a business. In normal instance he will invest 12000 crore. In aggressive instance it may exceed more than 25000 crore or more. In order to invest the money on the stock itself will take a month or more. So he cannot come out of the stock just like that like us. Management will check with him and try to convenience for better performance. Management may request to hold the stock for some more time for better performance. If he wants to sell the stock over the night. The next day it will be collapsed. Overall market will be damn dead. Here capital volume really matters. When you have 12000 crores and finding best stock to invest is really difficult. If you have 50 crore, anyone can find best stock to invest. It has lot of theory involved. Legend buys very good stocks and keep for long term. But many will buy stocks on speculation and keep for long term to get the same money back. This is not at all investing. It is called pain.

Never look back on traded price:
For eg: You may bought idea or suven or some other stock. In idea case it went till 170+ and came down to 158 or Suven went till 205 and came down to 175. Everyone thought I would have sold the stock at high price and buy it back at lower price. This is never possible and the reason is you never know this is higher high or lower low. Arthur Fisher a legend explained when he bought Motorola before 50 years back.  Never blame yourself or others when you miss the trade because it is trading. Once it is done..done. Never look back. It hurt you bad or motive in wrong direction.

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