Monday, October 6, 2014

Protected Portfolio from Power Bull.

Market is a battlefield. If you are interested in investing but dont know where to start and which stock you have to target. Power Bull strongly recommend to stop the equity picking first and learn how market works. You have to understand what are all the different financial instrument available and how much risk taking capacity do you have. Derivatives are strongly recommended as "No" for new beginners. When you learn swimming where you prefer pool or ocean. When you investing in derivatives without knowledge is like jumping into deep dive ocean with no idea of swimming. You know well what is the result. Before next day begins any investors will do the ground work way before and keep the stock in radar. This will happen in buying or selling. It is a kind of battlefield when you not listening the market trend and stand without any weapon. You will be definitely killed. Bad strategy like taking only blue chip stocks or considering 52 week high or low for taking entry or exit load should be avoided. Game plan and how you are going to deal the instrument is very important than investing. Power Bull works for individual game plan for your investment type. I am staying in abroad like USA , Dubai or UK. Can I practice derivatives. We strongly say "No" but you can practice cash market very well. You can go to Bahamas or mexico or Jamaica or Thailand for fun. We can keep the control on your portfolio and just reading our emails are more than enough because you will be protected by Power Bull Shield.

Follow us: Investing money is secondary but keep updated about market is primary. If you are outdated with information your portfolio will be downgraded by value.

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