Monday, October 6, 2014

How Ascending symmetrical triangle looks?

Detail Technical views for Idea cellular:
IDEA Cell has bearish and bullish run all the time. In normal views you may think it has price increase followed by down. Power Bull detail analysis has provided in picture and there is a lot of message communicating the stock ready to participate in the bullish run. The buyers are high than seller. The symmetric triangle has formed and the minimum price objective stays at 147. The support has been changing from 126, 130, 133 and 137. The base stays at 126 and APEX at 148. Why it is important and how it should be interpreted. When the price close below BASE 126 increase more caution signal to buyers to exit the stock. The APEX provides more strength to buyer to hold the stock for long run. Power Bull team is one of the fine tune and seasoned analyst in technical. Snapshot below

Followed post - (two post combined for easy reference 1st post on Jun 21 and 2nd on Jul 26 - Check facebook)
From Power Bull Academy - Wow - Winner of Winner from last week performance was Idea Cellular. Power Bull provided the detail chart on Jun 21st about the trend of Idea Cell and their breakouts. It was happened last week. Many customers gained huge money by betting on sure shot stocks like Idea. Provided the same call through facebook as well on Jul 22. Today we are going to explain how the resistance becomes support for Idea. It is a very important concept during break outs and need to be accurately interpreted in Technical Analysis. On Jun 21st Power Bull mentioned 147 Idea has strong resistance and need to break out to reach next level. The stock unable to break the barrier till the result is announced. Arrow indication provides the confirmation about the stock is all set to break the resistance 147. The next 3 days session provides the confirmation 147 became the support for Idea. I hope many of them got the concept of learning the mystery of technical analysis. 

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